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Private Equity Fund | September 2022

Fund Overview:
Clayton, Dubilier & Rice Fund XII was established in 2022, and is registared in the Cayman Islands. The fund is by CD&R, a PE firm that since its inception in 1978, manages a single fund each time, in order to devote all its resources to that fund. The firm employs approximately 250 employees and a large investment team, whose members specialize in finance, company management, and have worked together for many years. CD&R Fund XII is the firm’s 12th fund, and will operate under the strategy as its predecessors. The fundraising target for the fund is 20B USD.


The fund is a buyout fund, investing mostly in medium-large companies in North America and Western Europe. The fund aims to generate value in the target companies by strategically combining financial skills with industry expertise. In addition, it aims to maximize returns through organic growth, driven by operational improvement and inorganic growth driven by mergers and acquisitions.

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Clayton, Dubilier & Rice Fund XII (CD&R) | Clayton, Dubilier & Rice

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