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Our Mission – creating comprehensive analysis by a professional and experienced team

Why did we establish "Objective"?

Alternative investments, as opposed to public investments, which provide a large amount of accessible information, are characterized by complexity, lack of information and a diverse range of investment channels. The difference between alternative funds, even between those engaged in the same field, is very wide, thus it is highly important to acquire knowledge and complete understanding prior to making the investment. 

Preparing an analysis requires multiple financial inputs, skilled and professional staff; however, not all investors have such resources. Having no way to evaluate the funds, some investors do not proceed with the investment, even if it matches their investment profile. By outsourcing the analysis services to Objective, the investor reduces expenses and is able to evaluate a greater number of investments. 

אובייקטיב אנליזות - הצוות שלנו
אובייקטיב - ניתוח שוק ומגמות

By maintaining neutrality and objectivity, Objective analyzes and monitors each investment throughout the lifespan of the fund. These comprehensive analyses facilitate and shorten the assessment process and allow investors to review several investments simultaneously in order to select the best-suited investments for their portfolios. 

The analysis Objective provides is an in-depth analysis of the fund and high-quality information to the investor about its activities. The analysis is not a recommendation whether to invest or not. Through the analysis, investors collectively obtain all the information for the purpose of making a decision and each investor decides whether to invest, inter alia, in accordance with investment policies, holdings and other considerations.

How does "Objective" maintain its objectivity?

In recent years, new investment channels are emerging in addition to the traditional capital market. In light of the multiplicity of options, investors attach extra importance and bigger hunger for objective information and reporting.

Since outsourcing\external entities are part of the investment process, the question then arises, how do these entities maintain objectivity?


There is a raising concern among investors regarding the conduct of financial entities, as at times they receive compensation from the audited entity itself and/or the audited entity and the auditing entity might be related to each other in a conflict of interest.



Objective sets the value of objectivity as a supreme value and aims to maintain it via several clear rules:


 1The analysis is not a recommendation (whether or not to invest in the fund) 

The analysis is a comprehensive analytical report of the fund. It takes all the information about the fund and makes it accessible, well organized and profound for the investor. The investor, according to his investment policy, risk preferences, holdings, etc., decides whether or not to invest in the fund.

2. Only a potential investor can initiate an analysis

The analyzed fund cannot initiate an analysis or send an existing analysis to the investor, since the analysis is not on behalf of the fund. Also, only the potential investor can order an existing analysis from objective’s analysis pool. The decision regarding the identity of the payer  for the analysis (fund\investor) is made between the investor and the fund.

3. Fixed cost (regardless of the investor’s identity)
Objective charges a fixed payment per investor regardless of his type and his investment potential.

4. Objective’s revenue does not depend on the investor’s decision

The analysis helps investors get all the pre-investment information which assists in making an investment decision, whether to invest or not. Objective receives a fixed pay regardless of the investor’s decision.

5. Objective’s revenue does not depend on the volume of the investment
Objective does not receive any fee\percentage of the transaction as customary in the capital market. The cost of our services is a fixed cost, therefore Objective has no interest in the volume of the investments.

6. Structured and uniformed work process
Objective works in the same way both with investors and with the funds.


  • The analyses published on this Website are based on data obtained by the analysis editor from fund managers which include answers to questionnaires provided to them, various documents provided by the fund on request, market and trading data from the trading systems, if any, and opinions that reflect the subjective point of view of the analysis editors alone, but which to not address the investment’s adequacy to the needs of a particular investor, or in general.
  • The editors of the analyses published on the Website are not obligated to update the analysis from time to time or at all, and therefore, each analysis contained on the Website is relevant as of the date of its preparation.
  • The analyses published on the Website do not constitute a recommendation to carry out transactions involving interests in funds, nor do they constitute an investment advice within the meaning of the Regulation of Investment Advice, Investment Marketing and Investment Portfolio Management Law, 5755-1995, or an offer to purchase interests in the funds under review.
  • An investment in an equity fund, by nature, involve risks, including risks arising from the character and terms of investments managed on behalf of the fund, the manner of managing them as well as risks beyond the control of the fund, such as risks arising from macroeconomic changes. It is clarified that the content of the analysis does not constitute legal or tax advice relating to the investment in investment funds and/or a particular fund. Each investor is advised to consult with other competent advisors to evaluate the investment in the fund.
  • Any investment in the fund must only be made in accordance with the legal documents of the fund and the terms and conditions contained therein, after the investor has obtained all relevant legal documents, reviewed them in person, at his own expense, and signed them.
  • Each analysis contains projections, estimates, and other forward-looking information, the materialization of which is uncertain. Facts and data contained in each analysis are as of the date the analysis was performed, without any certainty that the projections and estimates described therein would materialize. Moreover, the results of such projections and estimates may be materially different than those described in the analysis.
  • The Company and/or any of its executives and/or representatives and/or anyone acting on its behalf assumes no liability for any direct or circumstantial loss resulting from the investment in the funds under review.
  • The analyses published on the Website are the exclusive property of Objective. No document or analysis contained on the Website may in whole or in part be copied, distributed or transferred, and the information contained on the Website may not, in whole or in part, be disclosed to third parties by any means whatsoever.

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